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DoubleTwist, the company that has long been helping Android-powered devices work harmoniously with iTunes, today released a new Android app that lets users rip songs from iTunes Radio. Called AirPlay Recorder, the app essentially turns your Android device into an AirPlay receiver, then records all the audio that you play through it.

But is it legal?


Spotify today announced Spotify Connect, a new wireless streaming service akin to Apple’s AirPlay that will allow you to seamlessly stream its 20 million tracks to compatible smartphones, tablets, and speakers around your home. The feature will be built into upcoming speakers and home audio systems from Bang & Olufsen, Philips, Pioneer, and more.


Google is expected to announce a new Google Play Music update at its Android event — which kicks off in just a few minutes — but the APK has already been leaked and made available to download. In addition to SD card support (finally!), the update brings a new sharing feature called “Chromecasting.”


The official SoundCloud apps for Android and iOS have today been updated to add support for Google+ Sign-In, allowing you to use your Google+ account in place of Facebook or Twitter. What’s more, there’s also support for Google+ sharing.


The popular radio application Pandora received a nifty update on Android this week, bringing a number of new features including lock screen controls. This is something the application had been lacking for a long time, and it previously made changing tracks an issue as you had to unlock your device and enter the Pandora application.

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