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Speculation surrounding an Amazon Kindle smartphone has been rife for the past few years, but it looks like the device is finally coming to fruition. These images show off a prototype of the upcoming handset, which is claimed to be one of at least two that are currently in development.


Ever since leaked photos confirmed the “All New HTC One” will have two rear-facing cameras, we’ve been wondering how exactly they’ll be put to use, and what kind of benefits they might bring to our photos.

According to a magazine promotion from Australian carrier Telstra, the “Duo Camera” will help you capture professional photos with more depth, alter focus after the image has been shot, and add 3D effects.


HTC is set to announce its second-generation One — codenamed the “M8” — in March, but like a lot of the devices that came before it, the Taiwanese company has been unable to keep it under wraps until the big day.

Photos of the device that have surfaced online this week reveal a mysterious new sensor that sits above the handset’s rear-facing camera — plus a dual LED flash. The overall look of the handset itself, however, will be almost identical to its predecessor.


Amazon is gearing up to finally launch its first Kindle smartphone during the first half of 2014. That’s according to supply chain sources who claim the retail giant has recently struck a deal with Primax Electronics to secure its compact camera modules (CCMs) for the new device.


Skype has confirmed that it is working to deliver 3D video calling for compatible televisions and computer displays. But according to Mark Gillett, Skype’s corporate vice president, it could be a number of years before the technology comes to fruition due to a lack of suitable capture devices.


Google Earth for Android today received a new update that adds a number of new features, including Street View, improved search and directions, and an improved interface.

Square Enix has announced today that it will be bringing Final Fantasy IV to iOS devices on December 20, and to Android at some point during 2013. The port appears not to be the original, but instead the title’s remake that was brought to the Nintendo DS with 3D graphics among other features and improvements.

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