The Moto 360 in Champagne. Photos: Amazon

The Moto 360 in Champagne. Photos: Amazon

New Moto 360 color options are on the way, and we already know what they look like, thanks to Amazon. The retail giant prematurely listed a new Champagne-colored device and a cognac leather strap, which it said would start shipping next month before the listings were later pulled.

This $8 bumper adds a splash of color to your Moto 360. Image: Raelx

This $8 bumper adds a splash of color to your Moto 360. Image: Raelx

Worried your beloved Moto 360 is going to pick up scuffs and scratches during use? Perhaps this 3D-printed bumper will do the trick. Made by Raelx and priced at just $8, it wraps around the outer edge of your watch and prevents its shiny stainless steel frame from picking up little nicks when you accidentally knock it against stuff.

Strike up the Band. Photo: Microsoft

Strike up the Band on Android, iOS and, of course, Windows Phone. Photo: Microsoft

Reports about a Microsoft wearable device have been circulating for a while, and now the good folks from Redmond, WA have finally made it official: a Microsoft fitness band is here, and it works on both Android and iOS.

Like the Apple Watch and Galaxy Gear, the appropriately-named Microsoft Band tracks steps and heart rate, as well as showing you phone notifications in the form of text, email, and Twitter alerts.

“It’s the most advanced band we’ve seen in terms of technology on the wrist,” Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Devices and Services told The Verge. “[I]t’s really designed to do two things: have people live healthier, and be more productive, by having a band that can serve on the opposite side of your watch, worn 24 hours a day, and get some of the most accurate data that you can possibly get.”

That’s not the end of Microsoft’s fitness-tracking ambitions, though.

CoM_4 Hour Chef-png

It’s already Wednesday, which means we’re halfway towards another weekend. It also means you can save some serious cash with Cult of Android Deals’ midweek giveaways.

This week, we have a whole bunch of cool stuff for you, including Tim Ferriss’ best-selling The 4-Hour Chef audiobook, 45 days of Skillfeed training, the Summer Design Bundle, and lots more — and it’s all completely free.

Photo: Samsung

Photo: Samsung

The iPhone 6 is obliterating Samsung’s Note 4 in sales, and could even outsell it 10x according to a Korean analyst.

In a note to clients, Shinhan Investment’s Kim Young-chan wrote that the iPhone “will outsell the Galaxy Note 4 by tenfold, with 80 million units shipped worldwide in the October-December period.” Young-chan adds that, “Other market watchers also are expressing doubts about the performance of Korean tech giants.”

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