Photo: OnePlus

Photo: OnePlus

The OnePlus One’s fancy StyleSwap covers, one of the things that made the handset unique, have been abandoned before they even went on sale. OnePlus says that it ran into “technical difficulties” during mass production, and the number of covers that passed its quality control tests was “much lower” than the company had anticipated.


Most of us have a computer at home, a computer at work, a smartphone and/or a tablet — and all of our precious data is spread out across them all. Our files, photos, documents, and more are rarely found in one place, so what happens when one of those devices goes missing? If you lose your smartphone, do you have backups of your photos elsewhere?

If not, then you need iDrive, which lets you backup all of your data — from multiple devices — to a safe space in the cloud that’s accessibly from anywhere at anytime. And there’s never been a better time to get started, because thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get 1TB of storage for a whole year for just $19.

Screenshot: Goat Simulator/Google Play.

Screenshot: Goat Simulator/Google Play.

Ever fantasized about being a goat? Of course you haven’t. But you’d be surprised by just how entertaining it can be — especially when that goat is hellbent on destroying everything and near indestructible. With Goat Simulator now available on Android and iOS, that’s exactly what you can be — while at work, in the library, at a coffee shop, or just at home.

Android Silver is Google's answer to the iPhone. Photo: Google.

Android Silver is Google’s answer to the iPhone. Photo: Google.

Google’s rumored Android Silver program, which was expected to deliver high-end devices with premium designs, has reportedly been put on hold following the departure of Nikesh Arora, one of the project’s leads. Sources say the search giant has now doubled down on its Android One program instead.

This post is brought to you by M4VGear Inc.

Have you bought or rented movies, TV shows or music videos on Apple’s iTunes that you want to watch on your Windows/Mac computer or Android device, but can’t because these files are DRM protected? Although there are several ways to copy iTunes movies, none ensures good HD or sound quality and the resulting copy may even be out of sync with the soundtrack. And besides, copying videos takes time.

M4VGear simply gets around these issues by converting iTunes-downloaded M4V to unprotected mp4 files, which you can watch on any of your non-Apple devices (Samsung Galaxy Note, Ascend Mate 7, Kindle Fire, etc). M4VGear is a lossless video-converting software app that works 20 times faster than other similar products on the market.

And all subtitles and audio tracks including 5.1 AC-3 will stay in your output mp4 video copy. Watch the demo here.

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