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You won’t find a lot of Trump yard signs in the valley. Source: CrowdPAC

Silicon Valley campaign donations have poured way more money into the presidential bids of Democrats than Republicans, surprising nobody, ever.

This shocking revelation comes from a report from CrowdPAC, a non-partisan, political crowdfunding organization that has discovered that the companies most likely to donate to campaigns are Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. And while the findings don’t include fine-grain data like individual amounts or the actual numbers of employees, they do make one overwhelming conclusion:

Techies don’t like Donald Trump.

HTC 10 will soon begin shipping in the U.S. Photo: HTC

HTC 10 will soon begin shipping in the U.S. Photo: HTC

HTC has confirmed that it will begin shipping unlocked HTC 10 orders to customers in the U.S. next week.

Verizon has already started shipping units out to its own customers, leaving those who ordered directly from HTC scratching their heads.

Google Trips on Android. Screenshots: AndroidWorld

Google Trips on Android. Screenshots: AndroidWorld

Google is working on a new app called Trips that will help users plan their next vacation by automatically pulling information from their emails. The app will also help travelers find things to do while they’re away, and offer reviews from locals.


Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, if you work with photos you’re going to have to work with Adobe. They wrote the book — or at least the code — for digital image manipulation in photography, design, typography, you name it.

Now you can also learn it, with this comprehensive bundle of lessons covering the image-making potential of Adobe, specifically for photographers. And right now, the whole thing is just $29 at Cult of Android Deals.

Take a look at what’s included:

Finally! Photo: LG/Cult of Android

Finally! Photo: LG/Cult of Android

Xiaomi has confirmed that it will launch its first smartwatch later this year as it looks to take on the Apple Watch, Samsung’s Gears, and the world of Android Wear.

The Chinese company already offers one of the world’s most popular fitness trackers — and its habit of combing great hardware with affordable prices has us super excited for more.

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