You now have a new place to upload your favorite pictures of your own face, thanks to Selfies, a new image sharing service from the creator of WordPress. It’s almost like Instagram, only photos of your dinner or your lattes or your cat aren’t welcome… unless they’re in front of your face.


Ever updated an app and found that the latest version just doesn’t work as well as the last, or that the developer suddenly dropped support for routed devices? It’s likely happened to us all at some point, and usually, it’s not easy to fix. But AppDowner lets you install earlier app releases without losing any data.


Researchers at Stamford University have developed new lithium-ion batteries that could triple the battery life of future smartphones. The new batteries have higher energy storage density than existing lithium-ion packs, allowing them to pack as much as three times more power inside the same space.


Fall asleep in bed with your smartphone and it could well be turned into a smoldering crisp by the time you wake up. 13-year-old Ariel Tolfree from Texas learned this the hard way when her Samsung Galaxy S4 overheated and melted under her pillow while she slept.


The Team Win Recovery Project custom recovery now provides official support for the first Android Wear smartwatches from Samsung and LG. The release gives Gear Live and G Watch users the ability to flash custom ROMs and other tweaks, make complete ROM backups, and more.

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