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The Samsung Galaxy S5 has become the latest tech giant to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS — but does it have an ulterior motive? Like the vast majority of videos that Samsung puts out, this one can’t help but take a swipe at competing devices from rival companies.

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Google voice search on Android now has the ability to detect up to five different languages in just one search. Designed to help people who speak more than one language, it allows you ask one question in Spanish and another in French, and it will automatically understand both requests.


OnePlus has rolled out another software update this week, addressing a number of major bugs that were introduced to the One with its last release less than two weeks ago. In addition to fixing the frustrating battery drain problem, it includes a fix for touchscreen problems, a new radio image, and more.


As a retirement gift to all his followers on Twitter, @evleaks today posted a press render of the Moto X+1, which gives us the clearest look at the handset yet.


Its been more than a year since we last did an icon pack roundup for third-party launchers. Since then, the number of quality icon packs released on the Play Store has increased exponentially. With a barrage of icon packs, it can get difficult for users to differentiate the good ones that are worth their money to poor low quality ones.

To make your life easier, we list down 5 new icons to hit the Play Store in the last year or so that will give your boring old home screen a visual refresh.

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