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One of Apple’s most famous patents is slide-to-unlock, a method of waking up a touchscreen smartphone that has proven to be one of the most valuable in Apple’s arsenal. Now, Apple is trying to patent a similar system that would use gestures to unlock an iPhone. And if that sounds familiar, it should, because Android already does it.


It’s safe to say that Beats Music wasn’t as popular as the consumer electronics company would have liked. Upon its release it was welcomed to a ton of one star reviews on both Android and iOS, mainly due to the application’s lack of functionality and fluidity. But it now looks like Beats have taken the large amount of user feedback onboard and is pushing out a rather significant update for the application via the Play Store.

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The brand new Droid Maxx colorways.

In comparison to high-end smartphones currently on the market, the Droid Maxx seems slightly outdated. It doesn’t have the latest hardware, nor software, but it appears that Motorola isn’t ready to let the handset die out just yet. Earlier today, the manufacturer teamed up with Verizon to release two new color options of the Maxx.


Flickr for Android is now even more beautiful thanks to a major new update that’s rolling out via Google Play today. In addition to its new design, the app has been completely rebuilt to make taking, editing, and uploading your photos even easier.


So you’ve been saving for weeks, and you finally have enough cash stashed away to pick up a OnePlus One on launch day. But it won’t be that easy.

To get your hands on the new smartphone in the beginning, you’re going to need an invite. Once you have one, “you can be 100% sure” that you’ll be able to place an order and have it shipped within a few days — but how exactly do you get one?

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