The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is planning to tell Android to stand down.

Charged with overseeing the Army’s elite special forces operations, the command is reportedly making a switch to iPhone because Android is unstable compared to iOS.

Unexpectedly massive smash hit Pokémon Go has made its European debut — arriving in Germany as part of a Europe-wide rollout, which suggests a wider expansion to other European countries over the coming days.


Apple prides itself on delivering the best LCD displays you’ll find in a smartphone, but they pale in comparison to the OLED screens offered by its rivals. Samsung proves that — and shows us why the iPhone needs an OLED display — in the awesome comparison video below.


The design of Google’s first ever Nexus smartwatches may have just been revealed months ahead of their scheduled release thanks to a new leaked image that claims to show the company’s wearable.

Google is planning to take on the Apple Watch later this year with not one but two smartwatches powered by its new Assistant technology, but if this leak is the real deal, it doesn’t look like Apple has much to be worried about.

The first Google wearables look totally drab:


Pokémon Go will continue its global invasion later this week as it expands its reach into Europe and Asia. The title has already become a smash hit, causing Nintendo shares to rocket 25 percent despite the game only being available in a small number of regions.

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