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It’s easy to point a finger at Xiaomi, the Chinese phone maker that clearly draws a lot of… inspiration from Apple. And there’s Samsung, of course. But there’s another copycat offender out there that’s almost just as bad, if not worse: Lenovo.

The Chinese¬†manufacturer has a new phone coming out called the Sisley S90. Excuse the fact that the device looks just like an iPhone 6; its website is basically a carbon clone of Apple’s.

The K900, Lenovo's latest smartphone.

The K900, Lenovo’s latest smartphone.

In what will probably end up being the most random buyout of the year, Lenovo has bought Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.91 billion. Google will maintain ownership of Motorola’s patent trove, which Lenovo will license.

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Hugo Barra, former vice president of product management for Android, has left Google to take a VP job at Xiaomi, a Chinese company that makes high-end smartphones running Android. Barra’s departure has been confirmed by Google, and while the move is interesting enough, the circumstances within Google surrounding the exit are particularly sensitive.

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Just days ahead of the Moto X’s launch on Verizon, Motorola has started selling the phone through its own Moto Maker website. You can buy the phone without a carrier contract through Moto Maker, and pricing starts at $579.

Moto X

The Moto X launched on AT&T over this last weekend, and the device will officially go on sale for Verizon customers this Thursday, August 29th.

But there are a couple catches.

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