App Of The Week: My Data Manager


Do you struggle to manage your data usage and always find yourself going over your limit? Well, there is a solution to your problem; it’s called My Data Manager — and it’s definitely worth your attention.

My Data Manager is an extremely useful and flexible application, which provides you with a variety of ways to track and manage your data usage. It offers a ton of unique features, some of which I’ve never seen anywhere else before. One of the most unique features is the ability for you to view a monthly data forecast, to make your data limit stretch throughout the month.

The app even allocates you a recommended amount of data to use on a day-to-day basis, for example, how much music you can stream throughout your day, how much time you can spend checking social networks, and even how many YouTube videos you can watch on your lunch break.


You can program the application with the amount of data you’re allocated in your monthly plan and how often your billing cycle resets, so you are able track the exact results your carrier monitors. The app even allows you to set up a hard-cap, this means that you will be notified when you’re close to your monthly/weekly data limit.

Once you are alerted that you are close to your limit, you can program the app to automatically turn off your cellular data.

Another unique feature that the app supports is the ability to set up separate data roaming settings and plans, which is particularly useful if you roam a lot.


My Data Manager also offers a variety of different ways to see exactly how you’re using your data. One of the features the app offers is the ability to pin a data monitoring widget in your notification shade, this enables you to constantly monitor your data for the month.

If you’ve ever wondered what apps use the most data, wonder no more! My Data Manager has several different graphs and filters built-in, dedicated to providing you with results about which apps use the most data.


The app also enables you to sort user installed apps in the following ways; how much data they use in a month, how much of your data plan they use and how much data they use per hour. This is very useful if you’re looking to cut down your monthly data usage, as it allows you to model your data usage around which applications use the most and the least amount of data.

If you’re the kind of person that’s constantly going over your data limit, or just want to manage your usage more efficiently – be sure to download My Data Manager, by hitting the source link below.