App Of The Week: Flayvr


Are all your digital photos and videos unorganised? Does it take you ages to find your favorite snap from your summer vacation? If so, you’ll be pleased to know there’s an awesome app that’ll help you sort them. It’s called Flayvr — and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Here’s why.

Flayvr is a photo and video organization app that is capable of recognizing photos and videos that are taken at the same locations. Once the photos and videos that have been taken at the same places or events are recognized, Flayvr magically organizes you photos/videos and builds a living collage with them.

You can use Flayvr on your Android device’s photo gallery or on a supported photo browser to search for your favorite memorable moments. It is the easiest way to re-experience your most precious life moments. Flayvr automatically updates your galleries, so anytime you look back at your images not only will they will be organized they will be up-to-date as well.

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The photographs and videos that are organized in Flayvr will automatically be displayed in a timeline, sorted by time and location. Once you have selected the gallery you would like to view from the timeline, you can easily share the whole gallery or any specific pictures and videos you choose, with friends and family.

Flayvr also gives you the ability to share your photo galleries via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and SMS – this makes it a particularly useful tool to keep all of your friends and family up-to-date with your latest photo and video action. Obviously, there may be some photos and videos that you may not want to share, which is the main reason why Flayvr does not share your content automatically.


The photos and videos you store in Flayvr are not copied and stored on its servers, instead the media remains on your device giving you full control of it. The only time the media will be transported away from your device, is if you choose to upload the photos or videos via Flayvr’s secure server to your social networks.

Flayvr launched on the Play Store at the end of May, and has been constantly updated ever since. The latest update brings portrait and landscape support to all Android devices, so now is the perfect time to download the application. Flayvr is completely out of it’s beta series and has a minimal amount of bugs, in fact during my time of use I have not encountered any bugs at all.

So, if you’re galleries are unorganized and you would like a unique way to organize them, without having to do so manually – be sure to download Flayvr, by hitting the source link below.