App Of The Week: Dashlane


If you’re a frequent internet user, I’m sure you have a large amount of personal accounts which aren’t as secure as they could be. There are many applications available on Google Play which attempt to help you manage these, but you’ll find not many of them are as useful as they claim to be. But here’s an application that’s really worth your attention — it’s called Dashlane.

Dashlane Developers recently began publicizing their account management application called Dashlane. The purpose of the application is to create a secure space for you to store all of your usernames, email addresses, and passwords. The Dashlane application requires you to create a master password; this password acts as the decryption key for all of your data – so make sure you make it secure.

The master password is heavily encrypted and stored securely, so nobody else has access to it (even Dashlane). When you add something new to Dashlane, the information is encrypted using the master password and AES-256 encryption, the information is then securely sent to Dashlane’s servers. When you retrieve your data, it is sent from Dashlane’s secure server to the native client that you use – in this case it’s Dashlane for Android, but you can also download Dashlane for iOS, Mac and PC. Once the data reaches the native client, it can only be decrypted using your master password – there is no other way to access the data, so ensure that you use a password you can remember, otherwise you cannot gain access to your account.


Dashlane keeps a list of every email address, username or password you choose to add. It is very easy to add new login information with help from the desktop application, Google Chrome extension and mobile application. If you are unsure of a password, or think your password is too weak, the application can generate a secure password for you.

You can also store additional personal data in Dashlane, such as; payment information, phone numbers, addresses and notes. Dashlane also enables you to store ‘identities’ for you to use across different websites, these identities include a full name, date of birth and username – this information can also be used to automatically fill in a registration form .


Another great feature that Dashlane possesses is the ability to store secure notes. You may have some data that you need to store securely such as; identification numbers, software codes and security clearance information – as you’d imagine this information needs to be kept protected and Dashlane is the perfect application for the task.


There are many applications like Dashlane on the Play Store and iOS App Store, but none of them maintain the security of Dashlane and possess the large amount of features that Dashlane does, by far Dashlane is the most advanced and secure data storing application I have come across. If you haven’t already checked out Dashlane, I would advise you to so, by clicking the source link below – it’s free to download!